About Cloud Loop

About CloudLoop

Empowered Hosting

As Buck Rodgers once said, “…any road to achieving one’s maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual,
a commitment to excellence and a rejection of mediocrity.”

There’s no doubt that these very same principles apply to a hosting company, and therefore apply to us. Being exceptional involves the deepest of commitments – to ourselves and to our customers – and as Buck Rodgers says, a fundamental rejection of mediocrity. But, in today’s fast-paced world, all of this must be accomplished in an environment that emphasises efficiency at every level, too. It is each of these things combined that make up what we call Empowered Hosting.

How we Demonstrate Excellence:

Building a pillar of excellence is hard work, requiring tireless effort and enduring tenacity. But, by committing ourselves to exceeding rather than meeting the highest standards in web hosting quality, we continue to build upon a firm foundation – not just for ourselves, not just for our clients, but also for our industry.

How we Respect Clients:

Efficient, courteous customer support is just a beginning – it is never an end. Treating clients with respect involves nothing less than recognising the essence of web hosting — that it is truly a fundamentally human-centric enterprise. It also requires understanding that it is our unceasing duty to empower our clients ideas, goals, and dreams by reliably and powerfully hosting their data.

How we Reject Mediocrity:

Mixing low-end technologies, risky business strategies, and unskilled staff is more than just a recipe for eventual disaster – it is an oft-repeated disgrace, as disrespectful of those who require web hosting as it is arrogant. Here at CloudLoop, we fundamentally reject the use of low-end hosting platforms, overselling of space and bandwidth, and failing to properly support clients.

How we Embrace Efficiency:

Last is perhaps the most important factor — and the one that lets us safely say we offer hosting “in the fast lane.” Ensuring efficiency begins with our server architecture and hosting policies; all of our hosting platforms boast Dual Intel Xeon processors and SSD drives, and we never engage in overselling. This server efficiency is mirrored by business process efficiency too — in areas including customer support (with strict service-time commitments), software patching/security updates, finance, and overall management.

It is by combining these principles that we provide Empowered Hosting while improving hosting confidence. At this juncture, it only seems appropriate to invite you to explore the remainder of our site, to discover more of what’s behind CloudLoop.

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